9 Great Skype Recording Software You Must Know On Windows PC

We are all aware of the great necessity the Skype recording software have become of great essence. The question is not having one running on your Windows device but rather if you are satisfied as a user with the current Skype recording program that you are using. It is not only being used for having videos on your PC after recording for future use but also widely embraced as well for online learning.

The task of looking for a best Skype recorder for windows that will meet your recording needs out of the market that has been concentrated with many inefficient Skype recording software is becoming a real struggle for many potential users. This can be attributed to the fact that they lack proper guide on what they should look for in any Skype recorder.


#1 .TalkHelper Skype Recorder


If your device has the version of Windows 7 all the way to Windows 10 count yourself lucky as this magical converting software is a hero when it comes to operating on desktops that run on Windows Operating System. It also reduces the time on adaptation as it has a very direct User Interface leaving with less to worry about.

That feature alone gives the TalkHelper Call Recorder for Skype an added advantage over many programs that have been classified as the best Skype recorders in the market. It also gives information on when the call was made and other details such as the duration of the call. To emphasize on how straightforward, the User Interface of this software can be, is that it has only three tabs which have been indicated what they do once you click on those icons.


#2. Supertintin Skype Recorder


The Supertintin Skype Recorder has been ranked as the best that this field of software has ever come across. It knows nothing as disturbance when it comes to making video calls with Skype. The process is not affected in any way. Be it resizing the tab of the Window or minimising, this great software will still ensure that your video and audio output will be of great quality.

Not only that, but it also gives the user to choose the file format they want their recordings to be saved as. The only limitations that this great Skype recording software has is that it only works with the older version of the Skype application. However, that does not deny that it is still among the very best Skype recorders that has ever been developed.


#3. Evaer Skype Recorder


Here is a release of a fine blend of technology and simplicity in a single program. It runs smoothly on Windows devices of the following versions; Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. It has been designed to ensure that every Skype call recording has been well captured both in video and audio form. With such a software running on your device forget about the struggles that come as a result of overlapping Skype audio conversations and loss of audio during the recording process.

This are among the few problems that most Skype recorders are still dealing with. With Evaer Skype recorder be sure that there will be no glitches while making video recordings. It usually happens when there is an internal malfunctioning making the user lose his/her data without being able to recover it. When a software guarantees any user that it is free from such kinds of problem does it not qualify to be termed as among the best Skype screen recorder in the game?


#4. Amolto Call Recorder

Amolto Call Recorder for Skype

Amolto Skype Recorder for Windows has a number of reasons why it has been categorised with other top dogs in the field of recording Skype interactions as the best Skype recorder. First of all, we cannot go without recognising the User Interface of this program. I guess and it is by far, it has the easiest to use UX in the market having proven and tested it. The best way to impress any user before enriching your editing tools is to first have a simple interface that is easily navigable.

No user wants a program that has a lot to be done in order to have your conversations recorded. The software works perfectly well with VOIP applications. This is a reassurance that it will work perfectly very well with Skype to save calls and chats. However, it should be noted that this great application works with audios and chats exclusively so it does not record video calls neither saves voicemails nor video messages. The Amolto Call Recorder for Skype was specifically and specially designed to collect audio files from conversations and save them in the manner the user will need.


#5. Pamela for Skype


The Pamela for Skype is a program that has brought all the greatest minds together in the developing of a single application that is satisfactory to its users to an extent of it being certified by the Skype application developers. Here is the reason why. The software boasts of high grade output with every end product of its recording.

Videos and audios are clearly captured and it features customised messages where the user can pre-set to automatically send messages whenever he or she is busy or not in the capacity to reply or pick up calls. It also serves as a chronological tool for putting into archives of all the users’ podcast. This is a vital feature for those who take video recording as a channel of getting income and more so bloggers.


#6. DvDvideosoft Free Skype Video Recorder


When you have a program that has only two tabs on its ribbon ad still works perfectly well, I find it that there could be no other explanation to simplicity of a User Interface and a program in general. That is the case with the DvDvideosoft Free Skype Video Recorder for Windows. It has this interface that is direct making the task of recording Skype interactions easy.

It brings different modes while recording giving the users to make their own preference while making Skype recordings. Another feature that makes this one of the very best Skype recorder relevant to the market is it being able to save videos and audios in different file formats making it possible to transfer them to other devices as well as sharing them with colleagues and team members.


#7. iFree Skype Recorder for Windows


The iFree Skype recorder for Windows was purposefully crafted to meet the needs for those users who have a sharp preference of quality audio output rather than the quality of the video being collected. The program works perfectly on the windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 to give you a good connection between Skype and the application. It should also be noted that the software brings a good connection between the two applications but however it cannot be used in saving voice mails and video messages.

This is a major let down but does not qualify it as a poor Skype recorder considering that it was purposefully crafted to record audios. It is also okay to be optimistic with future updates that its users will not also have the chance of recording videos using this same application.


#8. Callnote for Skype


There is very few Skype recording software that can bring together the art of recording videos and audio flawlessly with all of them retaining the good quality that they were saved as, and still at the same time as a sharing aid of the content created. The only thing that a user needs to do is save the videos and audios in the format that will enable sharing and transferring the conversations to other devices.

It also gives its users a bonus of retrieving names and contacts of those that the user has been interacting with via Skype. The program is not ideal for saving video messages and voicemails as it has not been developed to those levels. Their users are always positive about its regular updates and maybe the developers of this software may bring a major surprise to its users with its future upgrade of the software.


#9. MP3 for Skype

Just as the name suggests this software has been exclusively developed to work with the recording of Skype audios and storing them into MP3 form amongst other supported file formats. If you guessed as it being an exclusively audio recorder for Skype, then you were outright correct. The MP3 Skype Recorder having focused on audio, it is obviously certain that its single task of converting audios to MP3 has been perfected.

Users should note that it works perfectly in the following Windows version; 7, 8, 8.1 and 1. The software can be downloaded by easily following a link and once upon installation, the user links the application to Skype to start recording conversations. The reason why it features in the list of the best Skype recorders despite it not being in the capacity to record videos, is the added advantage it has over other software such as comprehensive, easy to use and navigable User Interface. The software gives Skype links if the user needs to use one.