5 Freeware To Record Skype Conference Calls On Mac OSX

Skype has really garnered popularity in the video conference market by offering solutions to routine conversations both interpersonal or even business. When you just have a conversation on Skype, it cannot be retrieved later as Skype itself is not able to save that for you. This means that there is a need to look for a way to have these Skype conversations archived for future reference. Lots of development has gone into this and many third-party apps have been crafted to satisfy this need. While many of these programs to record Skype meetings may be popular with platforms like Windows 10, iOS users have not been left behind too.

And that is why in this article, you will be able to settle on that Skype recorder for Mac that will be reliable enough for the task at hand. By arming yourself with this boatload of programs to record Skype for Mac, you will not miss any moment of your conversations on Skype. Let us now dive in and find out the various solutions that you are opened up to help you record Skype calls on Mac.


#1 . Ecamm Call Recorder


This is the best Skype recorder for Mac that promises you an efficient process no matter what you are using Skype for as long as it is an audio or video call. The process does not end at just getting to record Skype for Mac but past this, you also get access to video editing capabilities. Actually, you have lots of movie editing tools incorporated for you to take advantage of.

Even before you can edit the video, starting and stopping a recording is not complex at all since the relevant buttons are provided for you when you place a call on Skype. This Skype recorder for Mac is more of an add-on and that means that it connects to Skype automatically without the need for any complex manual configuration to link the two. The audio and video you record is of tip-top quality and thus no one should have a hard time listening or viewing. This program cannot be used on platforms like Windows 10 since it is exclusive to Mac.


#2. Rogue Amoeba Piezo


This is a top program exclusive to the Mac platform that makes the recording of Skype audio calls feel like just a walk in the park. There is no complex process to set up this Skype recorder for Mac and therefore is a good go-to solution for beginners. To make things better, it is capable of saving the audio in either MP3 or AAC formats that are quite common nowadays.

You will not just get the chance to record Skype for Mac but also have your audio stored in distinct channels so as to facilitate the editing process. You are also given control over the process to record Skype meetings on iOS when you consider that you can tinker with the quality, name of the clips on top of the ability to add comments where necessary. To reiterate the simplicity, you can take advantage of the included presets that rid you of the need to tinker with options that you are not sure how they work.


#3. Callnote Pro


With the ability to record multiple tracks, this Skype recorder for Mac brings you that top-notch process to archive or backup Skype calls. Whereas you have the chance to record the video and audio together during a Skype call, it is also possible to record the same separately depending on your preference. On top of that, an automatic recording is also supported which means you can never miss any moment of your calls on Skype.

Otherwise, for that ultimate feeling of control, you are also provided with the record, pause, and stop buttons that you can make use of at any one time. Even if you are chatting, the conversation can still be recorded for you in the form of text. In the instance you need to polish your recordings, this Skype recorder for Mac avails editing tools to you to bridge this gap for you. At the end of the day, you have a really powerful and feature-laden program at your disposal.


#4. Sky Recorder


Sky Recorder boasts of that unlimited Skype recording time making it the best Skype recorder for Mac. The user interface is instinctive enough even for beginners and the output can be played on any platform without the need for special software. A nifty feature of this good program for iOS is that it lest you restart any recording in case of any interruptions that may arise.

Moreover, you are not only able to export audio calls but also have a chance to import the same using a USB cable. Apart from Mac, working with this program on your iPhone or iPad is very easy and convenient. If you have to record Skype meetings the majority of the time, this is a good program choice for you that will not bring about any disappointments. Security of the users is also put into consideration whereby the other party is notified when you initiate the task to record Skype calls on mac. Better yet, with the incorporated virtual notepad, you can never forget anything you said in the conversation.


#5. Vodburner


Vodburner is a user-friendly Skype recorder for Mac that will capture both audio and video for you. It is a special program since before you can share the output, you have the chance to enhance the video with text annotations and images as you see fit. Being one of the best iOS programs that can record video calls, it integrates well with Skype in order to bring you an automatic recording. It presents a minimalistic user interface but at the same time ensures that all features and buttons are lined up neatly.

In addition to that, the quality of the audio is displayed for you when you record Skype calls on Mac and you have the chance to adjust it to your liking in real-time. On the other hand, you need not wait for a call to end since you can always pause and even stop recording at any point of choice. Ultimately, this is a free program to record Skype meetings and save in the universal MP4 format.


It is now the perfect time to pick the program that has proven to lace your shoes in the best way possible and help you record video calls without any hiccups. The good thing is that all the solutions provided for you here are reliable enough and will not disappoint you. The ball is now in your court, pick your preferred Skype recorder for Mac and get started.